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My success is thanks to a community effort

October 20, 2019

Development & Alumni / Ontwikkeling & Alumni

Bucking the Trend

February 28, 2018

Wineland Magazine Article Featuring Natasha

"With its long history of inequality, embarking on a career in the wine industry can be daunting for young black people. Despite the many obstacles three young black people are making their mark in this competitive field."

Nederburg Heritage Heroes


Wine Diary

Take your senses on a Journey of Discovery with Nederburg at The Table Bay

Article about food and wine-paring with Pete Goffe-Wood

Chenin Blanc - Decanter

August 26, 2017

Platinum  Award by Decanter

"White-wine maker, Natasha Boks, said it offers a “superb combination of freshness and complexity with ripe apricot, orange and floral characters laced with spice and minerality...."

Natasha Boks

Article written about Natasha on

Two Oceans gives us a taste of the sea

May 07, 2013

Posted on NEWS

A Lovely Article about Natasha celebrating her Mother

"Stellenbosch born-and-bred Two Oceans winemaker Natasha Williams was taught a love of flavour by her mother, Mary."

Natasha Williams: From Pool to Pinot Grigio at Two Oceans

May 05, 2013

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Article by - News

a beautiful story to read "She's a mean pool player, she loves shopping for bags and shoes but if truth be told, she's really happiest in the country, says Stellenbosch born-and-bred Natasha Williams (29), the new Two Oceans winemaker. "Give me the smell of the soil and I'm at peace."....

Two Oceans winemaker reconnects with Madagascan heritage

September 04, 2013

Written by

An article worth reading...

""My mother's family is originally from Madagascar,” says Two Oceans winemaker Natasha Williams. Her grandfather on her mother’s side came to South Africa in the early part of the 20th century. "My dad's family has a far longer history at the Cape, stretching back as far as anyone can remember."

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April 16, 2020

The New Age Agriculture

We talk the relevance of Agriculture in the new age we are embarking on #COVID

October 31, 2017

Women in SA Wine

A blog post written by WOSA

South Africa is a country keenly aware of the value of a vote – something fought over so strenuously during the Apartheid era when ‘one man, one vote’ was the mantra of the disenfranchised masses. So it was quite odd to hear from a Swiss friend that women in the landlocked chocolate box country so famed for its neutrality were only granted the vote as recently as 1971!

It’s almost inconceivable that women had no say in how things were run – especially in view of the roles that many powerful women played in our country’s liberation struggle.

And in the wine fraternity the contribution women have made has been considerable – and continues to be so. Their input has included winemaking, farming, the documenting of the changes in the industry and also the crucial area of education.

August 29, 2017

A Post from a local blogger Bianca Monique Joseph.

On her page "About the Author" describes it the best. I Quote

"What you are about to read on the pages of this blog, are not the words of a person who just has the academic background and life-experience that gives her the authority to write them. What you will read in between the lines written here are the insights and observations of a writer who has one of the rarest gifts: Empathy.

Bianca writes because she cares. She cares about people and she cares about causes. She loves nations and she loves justice. She writes to celebrate people and their stories. Her interviews are conversations born from inquisitiveness, respect and compassion. Her reflections are born from a desire to honour the lives and stories of extra-ordinary people who are doing ordinary things with excellence." ~ Coffee With Bee

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"“If you knew who God created you to be, you’d never want to be anyone else." ~ Bill Johnson

1. Proverbs 31:25

"She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future."